Holiday Toxins To Watch Out For With Your Dog

7 December 2022
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Your dog can be very curious at times and may try to get into things they shouldn't, especially throughout the holiday months. These are times when your pet may eat things they shouldn't or be given foods that they shouldn't be given. They may also chew on things that are something new and could be potentially toxic for them. All of those new items you have set out for decoration, different types of food, or other items you have set out can all pique your dog's curiosity. Read on for some toxins to keep an eye out for.  


Decorations, such as lights and ornaments, can all be toxic for your dog. The same goes for artificial trees. If your dog attempts to chew on the artificial tree, or swallows any part of the tree, or any part of the decorations on the tree, it may be toxic for your dog. Decorations should be put up and moved away from where your dog can get to them. Your tree may be a different story though, you can't exactly put it up high and away from your dog, but you may be able to gate it off so your dog cannot easily get to it. If your dog ingests any decorations, keep an eye on them and monitor any symptoms of distress. Report these symptoms to the veterinarian or take them to the animal hospital right away for treatment.


If your dog has eaten any holiday food that is toxic or is simply not agreeing with your dog's stomach, you may need to take them to the animal hospital for treatment. Avoid giving your dog any table scraps throughout the holidays, just because you think you are offering them a special treat, you are actually doing them a disservice and could make them sick. Give your dog a special new treat that is meant for dogs, or a new bone, but avoid table scraps. Keep chocolate away from the dog as well, as this can be toxic if ingested in large quantities.

If you have a dog, you need to keep a close eye on them throughout the holiday months. Toxins are everywhere and they could result in health concerns for your beloved pet. If your dog gets into something that they shouldn't, or you have given your dog something that isn't agreeing with their stomach, you should take them to the veterinarian or the animal hospital for treatment right away.

Contact a local animal hospital to learn more.