Potential Reasons For A Change In Your Rabbit’s Urine Color

27 July 2023
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The color of a rabbit's urine can change slightly in color based on its diet, but as long as the animal is healthy, the color tends to be yellowish or orangish. It can be a concern if you notice a marked change in the color of the urine, especially if it becomes noticeably dark. Brown urine or reddish urine can often be indicative of a health issue that can range from moderate to severe. Read More 

Signs That Your Dog Has Suffered Frostbite

24 March 2023
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Frostbite is a serious skin condition that can not only affect humans but also be an issue for dogs. While your dog will hopefully never suffer from this issue, it can happen if the animal spends too much time outdoors in cold conditions. For example, if your dog was out in the yard for a prolonged period because your kids forgot to bring it in, frostbite could occur. Frostbite in a dog often requires the attention of a veterinarian. Read More