What Are Pet Wellness Services?

5 March 2020
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As a pet owner, you want to do the best you can for your animal companion. Preventative care is an important part of protecting your pet's overall wellness. Pet wellness plans can make this even more affordable endeavor. Pet wellness plans are typically paid on a monthly basis. For the cost of your fee, you will receive access to many different veterinary services that can keep your pet in good health. Here are just a few of the services you'll be able to take advantage of:

1. Sterilization

Veterinarians recommend that owners get their pets sterilized. Spaying or neutering your pet can prevent overpopulation that leads to homeless animals and crowded shelters. It can also benefit your pet by reducing their likelihood of contracting certain diseases later in life. Sterilization can reduce aggression and unwanted behaviors like urine spraying. Most pet wellness plans cover sterilization when your pet reaches an appropriate age.

2. Dental Care

Pets rely on their teeth just as much as humans do, if not more. That means dental care is of the utmost importance. In addition to doing your part for your pet at home, you should have their teeth examined by a veterinarian. Veterinarians can clean tartar away from your pet's teeth in order to preserve and restore gum health. They can also alleviate tooth pain by removing teeth that are decayed or abscessed. Your pet will be kept safe and comfortable throughout their dental procedure through the use of general anesthetic.

3. Grooming

Regular grooming is necessary not just to keep your pet's coat looking great but also to keep your pet healthy and comfortable. If pets aren't brushed regularly, their fur can become tangled and matted. Matted fur is particularly uncomfortable for animals. It can pull at their skin painfully, leading to open lesions and sores. Mats need to be carefully cut out of fur by skilled groomers, but you can prevent them by having your pet groomed on a regular basis. Pet grooming typically includes fur trimming, nail clipping, and ear cleaning.

4. Microchip Services

Every owner hopes that they'll never lose their pet, but an animal can wander off in a moment of inattention. If your pet is lost, you'll want to be able to find them again. A microchip is a small computer chip inserted beneath your pet's skin. The microchip has your contact information on it. In case your pet is ever lost, an animal shelter or veterinarian will be able to scan the microchip using a special machine, retrieve your information, and contact you so you can pick up your pet.