Etiquette Guidelines to Keep in Mind When You Take Your Pet to the Vet

18 December 2020
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When you go to the doctor or dentist, there are certain etiquette guidelines you follow. You may not think too much of it because you've been doing it so long, but you know to arrive on time, sign in when you're in the waiting room, and be polite to other patients. There are also similar guidelines to keep in mind when you visit the vet. If you're a new pet owner, you may want to review them before your first vet visit, just so you know what to do and what to expect.

Leave early to make sure you're on time.

Vet clinics are busy places. If you're late for your appointment, you will set the vet back for the rest of the day. Getting your pet in the car, driving to the vet, and then taking the cat out can take more time than you think. So leave a little early for your vet appointment to ensure you get there with time to spare. If something happens and you will be late, call the office and let them know. They may want to reschedule, depending on their schedule and how late you would be.

Call about add-ons beforehand.

If you made an appointment for your pet to have shots, but now you also want the vet to take a look at a dental problem they have been having, then call the office before your appointment. These add-ons add time to your appointment, so it's nice for the vet to know about them ahead of time so they can plan.

Leave space between your pet and others.

The veterinary waiting room is not the place to let your dog or cat make new friends. You don't know whose pet is friendly, who is not, and who might have a contagious illness. Give other customers as much space as possible in the waiting room.

Keep your pet in a crate or on a leash.

No matter how quietly you think your cat or dog will sit in your lap, make sure you have them either on a leash or in a carrier while you sit in the veterinary waiting room. This not only protects your pet but also others' pets who may become nervous around your pet.

If you follow the etiquette tips above, you will ensure your pet's appointment goes well. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the veterinarian or their receptionist.