Grooming Tips For Your Dog You Should Know

31 March 2021
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Your dog needs to be groomed as well as being cared for in other ways. Your dog needs you to brush him, bathe him, and clip his nails in addition to a few other things. If you aren't sure how to do these things, read on for tips on how to groom your dog.

Brushing Your Dog

Your dog needs to be brushed in order to keep his coat looking and feeling good. Your dog will lick his own fur in order to clean himself, but brushing is necessary to remove excess fur and can help prevent your dog from being too itchy.  Brushing also aids in getting rid of knots in his fur, especially with long-haired dogs. Use a canine brush to brush through your dog's fur. If your dog has a thick or double coat, you should use a brush specifically designed to remove excess fur from the undercoat. Brush your dog a few times per week to help reduce shedding.

Bathing Your Dog

Your dog needs to be bathed once in a while to prevent him from being too stinky and to keep his coat and skin clean. If you aren't able to bathe your dog at home, you should take him to a professional groomer or to your veterinarian clinic to be bathed. Some dogs aren't exactly cooperative when it comes to bathtime, so having a professional bathe your dog as needed helps ensure it is done correctly. If you do bathe your dog on your own, be sure to use only canine wash, do not use human soaps of any kind.

Other Grooming Tips

Your dog is going to need his nails clipped and this should be done with canine clippers. Only use clippers designed for anines and clip only the tip of the nail, clipping any more than that can cause your dog's nails to bleed. You should also brush your dog's teeth every week to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and to prevent gingivitis and other health issues. Use canine toothpaste and a canine toothbrush.

These are just some of the grooming tasks you should be doing for your dog. If you aren't grooming your dog yourself, you should take him to a professional groomer or to your veterinarian for this type of dog care. Talk to your veterinarian about other tips to properly groom your dog and to keep up with his health.