Planning To Become A Vet Tech? 3 Ways To Increase Your Job Opportunities

15 November 2021
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Veterinary technicians fulfill an important need in the world of animal health. While most people are familiar with the vet techs they meet when seeking health care for their pet, the field of veterinary technicians is actually much broader and includes multiple specialties. Whether you are currently in the planning stages of becoming a veterinary technician or are nearing completion of your studies, the following information can help you better understand your job options and decide which one is the best fit for your particular employment goals and aspirations. 

Do you want to stay in your local area? 

Veterinary technicians who want to remain in their local area will want to explore the community to determine their possible options for jobs. While local veterinary clinics should certainly be considered, aspiring vet techs should also look for any unique opportunities that might exist. Some examples might include: 

  • zoos or wildlife preserves 
  • large scale breeders 
  • dairy or livestock farming operations
  • poultry production facilities 
  • larger police departments with sizable K-9 units

The expertise of a trained veterinary technician can also be utilized by providing community education classes at a local vocational-technical school or through a partnership with a community organization. In areas where full-time employment may be difficult to find, such as small towns or mostly rural areas, vet techs may want to consider building a consulting-type business model that would allow them to work with a variety of businesses on a contract basis. 

Are you in search of a bigger goal? 

Aspiring vet techs who want to experience new opportunities or plan on working in a more heavily populated region may have many exciting job options to explore. Large research facilities, veterinary teaching hospitals, and animal nutrition manufacturers are just a few examples of large employers who utilize the skills of veterinary technicians in their work. Vet techs employed in these settings may work to provide a better understanding of animal nutrition, disease, and overall health that will help shape future products, testing procedures, overall care, and genetic research. 

Are you planning to specialize? 

Vet techs who find themselves with specific interests in a particular field will want to consider getting any specialized certifications they may need to apply for these positions. Taking time to explore options that align with your interests and goals will help you decide on the certifications that you will need for a more satisfying career. 

To learn more about opportunities for certified veterinary technicians, take time to discuss your plans with an advisor or representative of a reputable veterinary technician training facility. 

For more information on veterinarian jobs, contact a company near you.