Planning To Become A Vet Tech? 3 Ways To Increase Your Job Opportunities

15 November 2021
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Veterinary technicians fulfill an important need in the world of animal health. While most people are familiar with the vet techs they meet when seeking health care for their pet, the field of veterinary technicians is actually much broader and includes multiple specialties. Whether you are currently in the planning stages of becoming a veterinary technician or are nearing completion of your studies, the following information can help you better understand your job options and decide which one is the best fit for your particular employment goals and aspirations. Read More 

Ways To Lower Your Dog’s Risk Of Joint Issues

17 September 2021
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One concern that many dog owners have is that their pets will eventually face joint issues. This problem can be detrimental to your pet's quality of life and could progress to the point that you begin to think about euthanizing the animal simply because it is contending with chronic joint pain. It's important to know that you can do a number of things that can minimize the risk of joint issues plaguing your dog. Read More 

Why Is Your Dog Limping?

16 July 2021
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There are a great many reasons why you might limp. Maybe your foot went to sleep while you were sitting, and you find yourself limping for a few moments while circulation returns. Perhaps your limp is more serious, due to a fractured bone or a torn muscle. Or you might have suffered tissue damage to your foot, having cut it on something. Similarly, there are many reasons why your dog might develop a limp. Read More 

What Can A Vet Do For A Dog With Allergies?

26 May 2021
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It's not hard to tell when a dog has allergies. Their symptoms tend to be the same as the ones you would experience: sneezing, itchy and red eyes, itchy skin, and a runny nose. Allergies in dogs are quite common, and they are not usually a reason to be too concerned. You should, however, take your dog to see the vet. Here's what a veterinarian can do for a pup with allergies. Read More 

Grooming Tips For Your Dog You Should Know

31 March 2021
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Your dog needs to be groomed as well as being cared for in other ways. Your dog needs you to brush him, bathe him, and clip his nails in addition to a few other things. If you aren't sure how to do these things, read on for tips on how to groom your dog. Brushing Your Dog Your dog needs to be brushed in order to keep his coat looking and feeling good. Read More